Breathe Fitness and Wellbeing

Breathe it all in!

We offer a range of different groups to adults with various needs.
The vision for these groups is to improve physical fitness, improve mental wellbeing and build a community. All this with the benefits of spending time outside in the fresh air.



Making A Difference

Field Fitness

One Step at a Time

A range of outdoor activities that boost health and wellbeing while improving the natural environment.

Activities will include:-


Conservation projects

Outdoor Art

Forest School

Each session will begin with a warm up and end with a cool down to ensure everyone is ready to begin their activity. This is also an opportunity to bring everyone together as a group.

Through helping to develop the field environment individuals will participate in a range of physical activities that will boost fitness. There are proven benefits to being outside which will help support wellbeing. (MIND has reported that taking part in ecotherapy "significantly increases wellbeing")

Some of the activities will include developing the garden by building raised beds and digging over the ground ready for planting. Once this is established there will be opportunities to learn about growing vegetables and eating healthily.

There will also be activities that will develop conservation and creating a variety of wildlife habitats; including planting trees, sowing wildflower areas, building homes for wildlife.

The range of activities will ensure that individuals will be able to participate regardless of physical ability.

There will also be an opportunity to have a cup of tea and sharing food together. The tea break can then include food grown by the participants.

We are keen to ensure our groups meet the needs of our community. Please take our short survey below to have your say.

Community Projects

One Step at a Time

Working with local communities develop outdoor spaces to be proud of. 

Do you have an outdoor project you would like to start in your community? We can make that dream a reality.

We will help bring your community together in a shared vision to improve your shared outdoor spaces.

  • Grow a community garden.

  • Encourage and support wildlife.

  • Outdoor art and craft project.

We can make a difference to you.

Helping The Community

At The Breathe Project we are keen to hear from individuals or groups who would like to work outdoors. 

We are interested to hear from you.