To inspire means to breathe in . .


Our vision

To use the outdoor environment to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

The aims are: -

  • To create a self- sustaining, not for profit social enterprise to support the local community to achieve our vision.

  • To use outside activities to support wellbeing and to develop physical activity in the wider community in the fresh air.

  • To offer Forest School, Gardening and Outdoor Learning activities to learn about our natural environment and where our food comes from.

  • To build physical confidence and skills.

  • To use the outdoor environment to engage the community in learning and play.

  • To build social communication skills and self-confidence.

  • To be affordable and accessible to all from aged 0-99.


About Us

Clare Pike

Rain or shine you will find me in the great outdoors. I have been a qualified Forest School Leader for over 5 years but long before that realised the benefits of working outside for both myself and the children I teach. As a teacher with over 18 years experience I have seen the innumerable benefits of teaching outside. My own children have been the inspiration that has carried me forward on this journey to where I am now. I have seen on countless days the sheer joy we experienced as a family from going for our adventures around the countryside both far and near.

I am now so excited to be embarking on the the next chapter of our adventure to develop The Breathe Project and share with our local community the amazing environment we have around us in Trowbridge.

And Breathe it all in...!


Sonya Hartmann

Sonya Hartmann has years of experience developing outdoor learning experiences for children in after school clubs and class sessions. She has also taught children gardening ensuring they understand the importance of the different skills they are learning and completing the experience by being able to eat the food they have grown.
Sonya is a professional gardener as well as being keen allotment keeper. She has a fantastic knowledge of plants as well as being able to use her art skills for designing gardens.
Sonya’s art background has carried her throughout her life running community art projects and being the driving force within the Waterstones store in developing the art instillations that give the store it’s unique feel.